Apparel Manufacturing&Business Solution Provider

Kutesmart was founded in 1995, primarily specializing in suit production and gaining global recognition through the renowned Redcollar brand.

As early as the beginning of this century, we embarked on large-scale customized transformation. After 12 years of exploration, 

we have established the world’s largest MTM (Made-to-Measure) advanced customization smart factory.

Currently, Kutesmart is leading the MTM trend worldwide, achieving great success in mass customization. 

Evolutionary Steps

Competitive Landscape

As a publish company, our operational footprint across multiple sectors

Domestic apparel brand - Red Collar

1 overseas MTM ordering platform- Kutetailor

1 advanced made-to-measure factory

1 independent IT department of 96 employees

Overseas Team

CEO - Sherry Zhang


“Kutesmart aims for sustainable growth through ethical business practices,by creating and sharing value with our customers, community, and society.”


Robert Zhang


Gary Lyu

Sales Manager

Elain Chen

Sales Manager elain@kutesmart.com

Jason Zhan

Sales Manager

Rachael Liu

Marketing Manager yuxin.liu@kutesmart.com

Social Responsibility

Ethical Labor
As a labour intensive company, we take employee welfare and community development seriously. We only engage in ethical employee practices that meet national and global standards.
Environmental Effort
Kutesmart invests in solar energy for sustainable operations with 7 million RMB, generating 1.8 million kWh annually, reflecting its commitment to environmental responsibility.
Women's Empowerment
We supports female employees through health programs and actively opposes discrimination. Additionally, CEO Sherry promotes the role of women in society and encourages their participation in the workplace.
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